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While some TCP/IP servers are already configured for autostarting at the TCP/IP start, some other are not. These are: the HTTP server (WEB server), the SMTP server (e-mailer towards the Internet), and the POP3 server (e-mailer towards the internal users). To connect to the university computer network TUONET you must have network settings for TCP/Ipv4 Protocol (Internet Protocol version 4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6) Gain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. TCP/IP. Internet Protocol (IP) is a protocol within the Internet Protocol Suite that manages the transmission of messages from computer to computer. IPv6 is optional. To configure TCP/IP settings: For Protocol, select Enabled. For Host Name, type a unique name for your printer. For IP Address Resolution, select an option. Configure TCP/IP for Ethernet You can specify that the Fiery Server obtains its IP address automatically or set the address manually. Note: The Fiery Server stores assigned IP addresses, even if you disable TCP/IP later. 12. Click the OK button to accept the TCP/IP settings. 13. Click the OK button to close the Local Area Connection number Properties window. 14. Click the OK button when prompted to restart the computer and click the OK button again. Back to Top Configuring TCP/IP in Windows XP To configure TCP/IP in Windows XP, complete the following steps: 1.

4. Double Click on "TCP/IP." 5. Make sure that the first tab "Protocol" has the "Enabled" field set to "True." 6. Click on the "IP Addresses" tab. Ensure the IP of the server is added and set to true as well as the loopback address ( 7. Click on "SQL Server Services." 8. Right click > Restart on the "SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)"

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