How do I connect my LinkSys 2500 wireless router to a

Once you have connected and logged on to to your Wireless router, go to the page for the Wireless channel setting, and change it to another channel. You may need to experiment to see which channels performs best for you. NOTE: If you still can't connect to your router, open a command prompt on your PC (click Start -> then enter cmd in the run box I cannot connect my laptop to my wireless router! - Linksys Oct 31, 2010 How to Install Your Linksys Wireless Router - YouTube

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Nov 12, 2018 Correct Answer: Can I connect my wireless router to a When I switch to using the hotspot on my Verizon Galaxy S6 phone, we have lightning fast speed - most of the time around 18.78Mbps!!! The problem is that we have older flat screen TVs that we have hardwired to our Linksys Smart WiFi router as they are not WiFi compatible. Need help connecting old Windows XP to new wireless router

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