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How to Set Up Your Own Home VPN Server Jul 31, 2019 whack: Pluto is not running (no "/var/run/pluto/pluto.ctl May 28, 2016 VPN Tunnel without a Client-Server Connection in USM Appliance On the VPN server, go to the AlienVault Setup Main menu and select Jailbreak System, press Enter twice to confirm. Go to /etc/openvpn/nodes/ and locate the .tar.gz file, where is the VPN client IP address you specified in step 4 when creating the VPN client. Full VPN: Server Locations and Addresses – Getflix

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— Install and Configure OpenVPN’s Server Environment. Complete these steps for your server-side … 20 Tips for Troubleshooting (& Fixing) Your VPN Connection

If the PC that is running as a VPN server goes to sleep then when it wakes up the Routing and Remote Access Service is no longer listening on port 1723. Stopping and restarting the service does not restore listening - the only way I can get the VPN server to listen again is to do a restart of the machine.

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