Capture network traffic : Live capture network packets for any active network application or session. Support pre-defined capture filter on applications, and use filter to get packets on appointed applications and remote addresses. Associate captured packets with session logs, so you can browse captured packets while browsing logged sessions.

Apr 05, 2018 Opera GX now lets you limit the network bandwidth used by Sep 12, 2019 WebRTC Network Limiter - Chrome Web Store

Hardware appliances. Hardware appliances can limit the rate of requests on layer 4 or 5 of the OSI model.. Rate limiting can be induced by the network protocol stack of the sender due to a received ECN-marked packet and also by the network scheduler of any router along the way.. While a hardware appliance can limit the rate for a given range of IP-addresses on layer 4, it risks blocking a

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Speed Limiter is the new Network and Internet freeware launched into the market recently by Delight Software gmbh. What Speed Limiter does is simulate slow TCP/IP connections. It represents a very useful and reliable tool to see, for instance, how long a web

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